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About Us

Family Business

Think Windows was opened in April 2010 by Rich Friedenberg. At the time, Rich had 15 years experience in the home-improvement business and had been COO of a large local retailer. He had been overseeing the workmanship of 45 installation crews and determined that running a small business would provide homeowners better workmanship and a more pleasant overall experience. Since that time, Think Windows has provided terrific products and workmanship to thousands of homeowners. His belief is that homeowners should not be convinced to purchase a product because of a high-pressure salesperson. Instead, the homeowner should be offered the option that best fits their needs, wants and budget. As opposed to a 2 - 3 hour sales presentation in which a salesperson tries to make the sale that day, Rich will meet with the homeowner for typically no more than one hour and discuss the appropriate product. He will either provide a proposal that day or email one within 24 - 48 hours. 

Best form of advertising: Word-of-mouth

Think Windows does NO advertising. Instead, they rely on the word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied homeowners. This occurs due to the care that Rich has for each and every customer and his desire to do right by each person.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike almost every home-improvement company, Think Windows rarely ever takes a deposit.  They are old-school: Do right by your customer, and let the rest take care of itself.  With Think Windows, the homeowner will NEVER fear of a contractor running off with their deposit.